This page comprises of terms and conditions controlling the use of Biz Planss website and its concerned services. Please go through this page carefully. The above mentioned Terms and conditions creates a binding agreement between you (client) and Biz Planss’ website that also reflects your approval to these terms and conditions.

Biz Planss entitles all the rights linked with ownership and usage of materials made by us to the customers after finishing the project and getting final payment. Till that time Biz Planss holds all the rights to any content created by Biz Planss as per the copyright laws of United States of America (Title 17 U.S.C., et seq., and the Digtal copyright Act).

  • All the communication takes place over the internet.
  • The confirmation for the order will be sent to you via email by ratifying the instant beginning of the project within first business day. The confirmation for the order will be confirmed after receiving the complete order form and payment approval.
  • Primary concept delivery within 2-3 business days, depending on the intricacy of your project, the timetable of our designers, and the pace at which we get feedback from you. Some projects are finished in a week while others may take months to complete.

Biz Planss will offer number of revisions depending on the selected logo package. Biz Planss will provide boundless changes as per your requirement in your logo design in the Ultra Logo Design Package.

  • All the interaction is done over the Internet.
  • The request of revision must be submitted via our online dashboard. Revision cycles comprises of 1-6 extra compositions that include specific changes requested by the Client. The aim of the revision process is to build responses that move further in a definite direction from a SINGLE design composition as chosen by the Client. Client’s requests shall be adjustments in the chosen composition only. Revision requests that head off from the current composition or entail major graphical changes will be welcomed and done in the same appropriate manner.
  • If the Client desires to have a second logo design from the early concepts presented, a second logo design must be bought first. If the Client approves more than one design, Client will have to pay extra charge for per logo design.
  • Revision cycles take a minimum of 2 business days to complete, depending on the complexity of your requested changes.
  • Client will have 30 days to counter to each set of concepts/revisions delivered to Client for review. If after 30 days the Client is unable to respond, Biz Planss will consider the Project as completed and the Project shall be regarded as complete. * Changes to the text of a logo under process, including a name change, will result in additional fees that must be paid in advance before starting the project.
  • After completing your logo design project, you will receive the final Logo Design Kit at your Client Center. It may be in a compacted ZIP format single file and you will need WinZip or WinRAR to uncompressed. In case if the Client has been unable to receive our final Logo Design Kit, we will resend these files upon seeking request from the Client. These requests will be welcomed for 20 days from the date of first delivery of final logo or till the time you have been issued your final CD (if applicable).
  • Biz Planss expects no liability to customers in case of any loss of business or other damages, either real or constructive, whatsoever. Buyer entails full risk of possible delays.
  • Purchaser counts upon full responsibility of confirming the compatibility of the provided Logo files with their own system. While help is provided, Biz Planss takes no liability to the customer neither for his own level of understanding regarding technology, nor for customers, not having access to proper hardware or software for viewing, printing or editing of the submitted logo files.

Biz Planss maintains a record of your finalized design once we give you the final Design Kit. If Client needs the final files again in the future we can send them. The charges for lifetime backup are $20.00.


If Client needs additional artwork further than the scope of the standard logo package (either parallel with the logo project or at a later date), the Client will be presented with a price list for other commercial identity or graphic items. Further work will be done after getting added charges for add-on services in full.

Please note that Cartoon Logo / Character Design and comprehensive Illustrations are ahead of the scope of logo design and are not incorporated in the price. Cartoon Logo / Character Design and Detailed Illustrations do not go well as part of a logo and we highly suggest that not to use them in logos! But, you can still choose to include a detailed illustration in your design, which we will provide happily for an extra fee.


Biz Planss will dedicatedly design a new logo that will satisfy you. If you are not happy with the early responses provided by Biz Planss, you can ask for a refund by Client center’s feedback form. Biz Planss will refund the preliminary payment made by you, excluding a $30.00 service and processing fee. If you have done payment via credit card, the money will be transferred back to your credit card account. Refunds will be processed within 6-14 business days after your request.

This refund policy will not take place in case of the following conditions:

  • If we do not get response from you till more than 25 days.
  • If you have accepted your any of the sample designs we have produced for you.
  • If work has started on one of your samples and have gone through multiple alterations/ revisions for you.
  • If the company, for whom we are creating the logo, ends its operations, changes its name or its activity.
  • If the project is stopped for reasons not concerning to our design.

Once the revisions are being requested by you, you will not be entitled to any refund. However, we ensure you 100% satisfaction and Guarantee by our unlimited FREE revisions of your logo design until you approve of your final logo design.


Biz Planss assumes that the Client will perform research regarding their company name and make sure that their name is not already in use and securing a trademark or service mark to protect the Client’s officially authorized rights to any name or image. Biz Planss is not and will not hold any responsible for any legal action that may take place from improper due perseverance on the availability of a company name or image.


The client owns the right of ownership of the final artwork, having infinite, indistinct, and royalty-free use of the image after project completion and receiving full payment. Biz Planss reserves the rights to showcase the artwork in portfolio and advertising materials. All ideas, comprehensives and other preliminary resources, which are not chosen by the Client or are not incorporated into the final deliverance, stays under ownership of Biz Planss.

In case if the payment for any logo design service is not made as per the payment policies of Biz Planss, then all the rights in and to the logo design created for it, along with the trademark property will right away go back to Biz Planss again.

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